Shakemore 2016!

7 Door Sedan will be at the Shakemore Festival again in 2016. The Festival is all weekend from Friday July 22 to Sunday July 24. 7 Door Sedan will be performing Friday evening. All told Friday to Sunday, there will be 38 bands, a compilation CD, T-shirts, merch from the bands, and more. Friday night is “Prom night!” with quick shows from 6 bands. Shakemore is free! The Thought Lot. 37 E Garfield Street, Shippensburg, PA.

Half Japanese with Darla Jean and the Somethin Or Others, Ken Moss Experience, Los Swamp Monsters, Scott Fry Experience, 7 Door Sedan, The Signifiers, Bald Mountain Band, Basement Flower, Batworth Stone, The Blandinas, The Bloodless Cooties, Caching Behavior, Celestial Pincushion, CooCooRockinTime, Danielson Famile, Deletions, Jad Fair, Go Pills, Le Libre’ Duo, Old Songs, SLFM, Spidercake, The Tinklers, The Weird Paul Rock Band, Aerial View, Analog Watts, Another Satellite, Bang Bang Lulu, Damballa, Jam Messengers, KFriendRs, Martha H. and Ottley!, The Shake Up, Them Animals, Waterplanet, What’s Her Face

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